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Faith Development - Whole Community Catechesis


Whole Community Catechesis is about lifelong learning for all Catholics, young and old alike. Jesus is calling all of us to be renewed and reborn again and again and again throughout our entire lives.  Whole Community Catechesis gives us the opportunity to be blessed with this ongoing conversion.  At the parish, all the people of God can satisfy their hunger for spiritual growth and instruction in the faith.  Everyone is welcome; everyone belongs.


One step in making this vision of Church a reality at St. Leonard Parish is to connect life and liturgy. When you hear the Sunday readings at mass, do you ever wonder how to apply them to your life? Whole Community Catechesis makes a powerful suggestion: faith sharing based on the Sunday gospel. Faith sharing connects us through the lifeblood of the Church, the Sunday liturgy, to Christ and to one another. This sharing can be a response to a question of the week relating to the Sunday gospel.  Each week we publish a Question of the Week in our parish bulletin.


                            Our Sunday Bulletin



Growing in faith as a community can be greatly enhanced by coming together in settings in addition to Sunday Eucharist.  Tuesday nights in our parish have been reserved as a time for parishioners of all ages to join together to reflect upon the Word of God.  At our weekly Breaking Open the Word, the Gospel of the coming Sunday is shared and a guided discussion follows.  All gather in the upstairs of the Pastoral Centre and, following an opening blessing, the children proceed downstairs with catechists.  Parents/caregivers of the children are welcome to stay upstairs with the other adults, or to accompany their children downstairs.




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